Friday Night League


Henderson Squash Club runs a members Friday Night League (officially our Club Night) which is managed through the online app 'Teamer'. It is organised games on your Friday evening. You can be any level to play, and you will be paired with someone of a similar level to you. The Bar and Kitchen is always open for drinks and dinner meals during Friday Night League, it is the busiest night of the week at our Club! Come down and check it out!!

Members who have registered on 'Teamer' will receive an invitation early in the week to participate in the Friday Night League (or any organised club event), which you can either ACCEPT or DECLINE. Your games will be organised based on who accepts the 'Teamer' invite each week. 

'Teamer' is available on Desktop or you can download the 'Teamer' app for free on your phone.  The app is compatible with both iPhone or Android devices.

You can register by clicking on the 'Teamer' image on this page.​​​​​​​